Monday, January 12, 2009

Heidi files for Bankruptcy

We’ve all known for a while now that the Kimkins Diet was nutritionally bankrupt.

Now, in an obvious attempt to throw a wrench in the works of the pending litigation and slow the wheels of justice, Ms. Diaz has filed today for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection. Ironically, the Kimkins Class Action Lawsuit had a class certification hearing scheduled for Wednesday, January 14. Now all that is on hold, as the Bankruptcy Court now has jurisdiction.

Kimkins Class Action Lawsuit attorney, John Tiedt says, “We will not be deterred. We will not stop until we have justice. We anticipated the possiblity of bankruptcy. This is Ms. Diaz’s third bankruptcy. We are now obtaining a bankruptcy litigator to join our team. Our attack on the bankruptcy will start immediately. I will never stop.”

Ms. Diaz’ bankruptcy application was filed by her latest attorney, Timothy Peabody, Esq. She must feel that three times is a charm, as this is her third time filing for bankruptcy.

Ms. Diaz recently dismissed the attorney who represented her for the Kimkins Class Action Lawsuit,

Bert Cottle. Perhaps Mr. Cottle was not well versed in bankruptcy law?

Stay tuned for more of Kimmer’s shenanigans as they are revealed.

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