Monday, December 24, 2007

Seeking Former Kimkins Members

In June of this year over 40,000 people joined after the article in Woman's World magazine. Many of those never tried the Kimkins Diet after seeing what it really was. Some did try it and had considerable trouble with it. All of these people are eligible for the Class Action Lawsuit. There are others who many are very concerned about, read on to hear about them.

Medusa makes a plea to those who have dropped off the radar:

I am haunted by the many poignant posts by ex-members of Kimkins who are desperately seeking information on the whereabouts of their missing friends and fellow dieters who used to post on the Kimkins forums.

I am not speaking of members who said their goodbyes.

I am speaking of the members who, overnight, suddenly stopped posting, responding to e-mails, and disappeared entirely from the Kimkins website. And all of those missing were suffering serious ill effects from following the Kimkins starvation diet.

All attempts to contact the missing through posts and e-mails have been fruitless, and their concerned friends now fear the worst has happened.

I would ask that anyone who is trying to contact a missing friend from Kimkins to please leave a comment on this blog post, leaving your friend's username on Kimkins.
Take the time to heed the call to find these missing people. A life may be at risk.

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McKenzie brothers & company said...

Thought it might help to post the Medusa link at the "Missing Persons" section of Nancy Grace's (of CourtTV fame) blog.

Perhaps other on-air "big names" would also be interested?